Hi.  My name is Ryan.  Thank you for visiting my personals website.  One of the first things I'd like to share about myself is that I'm deeply spiritual, even if my outward appearance and expression does not always convey this.  I would like to share with you “The Invocation To Laughter” that I came across in my early twenties, and easily stayed with me throughout the years:

Some say that laughter is the best medicine.

Some say that laughter is the antidote to sin.

Some say that laughter is a waste of good time.

I tell you laughter is fully Divine.

This planet has a bunch of serious folks,

They just don't get The Cosmic Joke.

And some spend their lives in hot pursuit

Of what they call a Cosmic Truth.

But I heard a joke in the Heavens above

Laughter is Truth -

And the punch line is Love.

by Tashira Tach-ren,

Archangel Ariel

A little more about me: I’m a student and a minimalist.  I know how to work hard but am not a workaholic (by any means).  I currently live in a micro studio here in Seattle.  I work intermittent to part-time for a contractor building a house - among other things - to make ends meet.

Personally, I'm very sober, except coffee.  (But, if you smoke pot or drink socially/occasionally, that's fine with me.)  I get high with the wind (Ruach) of moonlight. haha  Which is to say i appreciate the propensity to alter human consciousness but (personally) i do not do so with external chemicals.  I do appreciate the consciousness altering properties of Love.

I like to stay in shape; healthy.  I'm 6' tall, 190 lbs.

I'm a student at Seattle Central, majoring in Social Work with a Chemical Dependency Certificate.  I come from a lifetime of struggle and striving for tranquility.  "The Universe" granted me a gift of wellness and so I endeavor to "pay-it-forward" to my fellow brothers and sisters.  Therefore, I cannot see myself dedicating to a vocation that is not specifically focused on working with people and helping others.  Hence the academic major.

I live well within my means.  My goal is to experience   fulfillment in life where true fulfillment is:  Love;  the continued exploration and knowledge of the human Soul; taking steps to find a partner to love, cherish and navigate life with; a conscious partnership with earth and honoring the humanity she supports.  All through a spirit of sharing and beholding beauty & benevolence.

If you are an adult woman whom is seeking a unique man;  If you’d like to explore what a relationship might look like;  If you’d like to talk about dating, or If you’d just like to chat:


(360) 995-3421

Text, as an ice breaker, is preferred.

Email is also welcome:


My thoughts about this flyer campaign:

“It’s kind-of an interesting thing, going around putting up these personals flyers.  Sometimes I don’t know if I’m actually looking for a lady that’s in that particular area.  Like, intuition has guided me to the person before, using this medium.  But, these flyers don’t necessarily have to produce direct results.  It’s also like putting an *intention stamp* out there.  Like telling The Universe:  ‘I’m very romantic, I have a lot of Love to share.  Let’s make something exciting & lovely happen!  Something deep and real.  Maybe We can meet the right person and become in-love with each other.’  Then, there’s another part of me that is truly in no hurry.  But, I want to keep the channel open.  In the spirit of: “I know she’s out there somewhere.”  May we find each other?

Either-way, it should be a lot of fun.  And, all this is meant well and very kindheartedly.  Thanks for coming here to read my ramblings.”

Another reason I like this flyer campaign is that it gives me the opportunity to actually share some things about myself.  It gives me an opportunity to speak for myself.  To share a little bit of my own personal take on who I am.

There are some things about me that may be (perhaps) pertinent:  I’m extremely sensitive.  I don’t really like highly social situations.  I don’t mind a crowd if I’m on my way through, but  I cannot stand participating with crowds.  I’m very cautious about groups because I perceive the degenerate tendencies of Group Think.

I do not watch TV.  I do not use social media and I abhor news media.  I’m extremely careful what I intentionally focus my mind on.

I can be awkward at times.  

I can be uncannily (very) comfortable during periods of silence.  I spend a lot of time in a quiet environment.

I spend a lot of time in study.

I do not like most music, here’s why:

I enjoy the harmonic resonance of Supernal Love Tones - Like sun songs of the Soul - Energy that the experience of our solar sun mimics.  It’s also an experience that audio music tries to mimic.  But, the songs of Soul far exceed what audio can do.  Therefore, I don’t really like audio music.  Some of it is very beautiful in passing  and I’m getting a lot better at appreciating some of the music other people listen to.  And, if I like you, I’ll probably like your music.  But, I’ll continue to prefer Supernal Love Tones so I won’t ever listen to music on my own accord.  Furthermore, there is music from my past that i still find snazzy, but I’m not interested in “ego feeds” so I avoid it at all costs.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is so you can get an idea of how eccentric I am.  I don’t really want to have to be making excuses for myself if I’m contacted by a lady whom just wants a regular guy.

Again, I’m very eccentric and I like that about myself.

I absolutely adore animals of every kind!

Oh, and most important:  I value and perceive Love as the highest of Human and Universal Source consciousness.  And, all of these words are printed with Love.


“The Invocation to Laughter” printed above:

Archangel Ariel Channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren. What is Lightbody?WorldTree Press, 1990.